The Color Blue

Our blue colors come from natural Indigo and the plant Indigofera. It is one of the oldest pigments in Mexican culture and has been produced in Latin America since pre-Hispanic times.

The pigment is created through the fermentation of the indigo plant, a very slow and all natural process. In the dyebath the color is deep green. Then, when we carefully lift the garment out of the bath and it meets the oxygen in the air, the color magically changes to a beautiful blue. By dipping the garment several times into the dye, we obtain darker tones.

In the middle of the dye bath is what we call the “Indigo flower” It is “bobbles“ that will inform us that the Vat is healthy and good. When cared for properly, an indigo vat can last for several months. To dye with Indigo is truly an art form that one always will continue learning from.